Penrite Racing runs a pair of Commodore ZBs in the 2020 Supercars Championship. Photo: Klynsmith.

ONE of Erebus Motorsport’s popular Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Supercar chassis is being turned into a ZB Commodore.

The Melbourne-based team has converted the ex-Lee Holdsworth chassis into a Commodore and will use it as a dedicated ride car in the future.

That will give the team the use of two ride cars given it has used one of its other old Supercar Mercedes-Benz E63 AMGs for ride car purposes last year.

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“We were planning to do it at the start of the year,” Erebus Motorsport CEO Barry Ryan told this week.

“It’s for a few reasons; we can take the load off the race cars and have more opportunities to be able to do rides when race cars aren’t available.

“We also want to be able to have a display car too for any commercial opportunities and have more opportunities to be able to do rides when the race cars aren’t available.

One of Erebus Motorsport’s former Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Supercars has been re-born as a ZB Commodore. Photo: Supplied.

“We’ve put some steel wheel tubs in it and got rid of some of the expensive composite bits at the back. It’s (the chassis) been sitting around doing nothing, we’ve got plenty of engines and Albins transaxles, so we’d be crazy not to build something up that will save us money in the long run.

“We should have it done in the next couple of weeks; it could be going in two weeks if we really pushed.

“It wasn’t really a big conversion from being a Mercedes, you just cut the bracketry off the side and fit different brackets to fit the ZB panels.”

The chassis will be distinguishable from the current two Penrite race cars as it won’t have an e-cell driver cockpit safety system, instead two standard race seats.

The team currently races a pair of Penrite-backed Commodore ZBs in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. David Reynolds’ #9 car was brand new for the start of this season, while Anton De Pasquale debuted his #99 car at last year’s Gold Coast 600.

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