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Legendary Jane Camaro featured in new documentary

THE legendary Bob Jane Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is the subject of a new documentary to be released online today (Friday April 12), free for fans to watch.

Produced by Greg Miles, the 23-minute documentary, ‘Build #33’, tells the story of the two-time Australian Touring Car Championship-winning Camaro, a car that won the title in 1971 and 1972 at the peak of the muscle car era.

Jane and his ZL1 Camaro famously battled Allan Moffat’s Coke Mustang, Norm Beechey’s Monaro and Ian Geoghegan’s Mustang and Super Falcon during this period.

See it here first on the Buy Me A Coffee website, where viewers can choose to donate to the producer for compiling the program.

Miles recorded a major sit-down interview with Jane some 15 years ago, during which he spoke at length about the ZL1 Camaro.

“I rang up and contacted Bob at the time and went and had a chat and spent an hour and a quarter with him,” Miles told V8 Sleuth this week.

“He spoke from everything from when he started riding pushbikes all the way through his racing career, including the Camaro. But then life got in the way of me doing that.”

After stints working overseas, with the AFL and in horse racing, Miles joined ARG briefly at the end of 2022 for a few months before moving on in early 2023. He’s since been working with JAM TV but had the time to get back to his Jane Camaro “passion project”.

“Watching that Bob interview back made me realise just how much he contributed to Aussie motorsport,” says Miles.

“I’ve spent lots of time researching, secured a range of images of the car racing and its restoration by Myles Johnson, and set about contacting Chevrolet in America to get images from the production line and so forth.

“It’s all come together and I’ve been going around and filming standard Camaros at various car shows to get some more stock footage.

“We did a soft launch by showing the doco at the presentation night of the Camaro Firebird Nationals in Albury on Easter Sunday and they loved it.

“It’s been a great passion project; I was an editor at the beginning of my TV journey and this project has enabled me to get back into that side of production and grassroots stuff.”

‘Build #33’ is available to view here from today, Friday April 12.

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