THE latest episode of the Motorfocus Model Podcast takes a look at what models could be the next ‘big-ticket’ items among those released across 2019 and 2020.

The rising value of certain model cars is highlighted by Episode 5’s Secondhand Market segment, looking specifically at Biante’s 1:18-scale releases of Dick Johnson’s XD and XE-model Ford Falcons, all of which have increased significantly in value since their releases over a decade ago.

But what about more recent releases?

Off the back of a question from a listener, podcast co-host Dimitri Comino from Motorfocus suggests collectors pay close attention to recent Bathurst winners, as well as looking at young drivers whose stocks are on the rise.

“I think a driver to watch in the future is Anton De Pasquale. I think his early cars – basically (releases from) last year and this year – people will be going back and looking for them,” he said.

“We can take the example of Scott McLaughlin; his early Commodores and Volvos are nowhere to be found at times. When that happens, the price comes up.

“I’d also be looking at the 12 Hour winners from the last couple of years, and when Authentic Collectables release the McLaughlin/Premat Bathurst-winning Mustang from last year.

“I think their production run is around 5,000 but that’s a reflection of how popular that car will be, so we can expect that one to increase in value.

“Also the Red Bull Project Sandman, the silver livery one that was released not too long ago, that’s already had a little bit of a jump.”

The episode also answers a host of audience questions – including some good tips on how to go about getting your collection covered under your home and contents insurance – and a run through the latest new releases and announcements from Biante, Apex Replicas, Classic Carlectables, and more.

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