Series 3 of award-winning series returns in online video content form on the Shannons Club website …

THE award-winning Shannons Legends of Motorsport series is coming back to series 3 in 2017, exclusively on the Shannons Club website.

V8 Sleuth’s Aaron Noonan and Greg Rust are co-hosts for this 15-part series of online colour feature stories focusing on some amazing drivers, cars and events relating to Australian and world motorsport.

The Shannons Legends team visited the recent Phillip Island Festival of Motorsport, capturing a range of material that will be featured in Series 3.

Watch the teaser here for Series 3 ….

V8 Sleuth strives to both preserve and celebrate Australian motorsport’s rich history, from tracking and tracing the race-by-race histories and changing ownership of individual cars, to capturing and retelling the stories of the people who made our sport what it is today.