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IMAGE Racing team owner Terry Wyhoon is concerned over the viability of the Dunlop Super2 Series’ impending switch to Gen2 Supercar hardware.

The Holden Commodore ZB and Ford Mustang GT currently used in the Repco Supercars Championship will become eligible for Super2 in 2023 once the ‘main game’ switches to the new Gen3 platform.

That will mean a wholesale switch for any Super2 squad that intends on running at the front in 2023, with the ‘Gen2’ cars expected to be a step quicker than the category’s current Holden Commodore VF and Ford Falcon FG X cars.

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Wyhoon, speaking on the V8 Sleuth Podcast powered by Repco, believes that the category should have adopted the Gen3 platform at the same time as the premier class.

“Personally, I thought we should have skipped Gen2 (and) we should’ve gone to Gen3 at the same time,” Wyhoon told the V8 Sleuth Podcast.

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“They had the opportunity, it just made sense to me: we all go to the new chassis and skip Gen2.”

Wyhoon suggested that the Super2 version of Gen3 could run different mechanical specifications in order to differentiate them from the ‘main game’ cars.

“We’d run a different spec ECU, running 500 rpm less or something, but the same chassis,” he said.

“That would enable us to do wildcards – because wildcards won’t be an option for us next year.”

Wyhoon also highlighted two more pressing issues that Super2 teams will face amid the switch to Gen2 cars.

“I just don’t know where the cars are going to come from,” he said.

“That just concerns me how many (Gen2) cars are available because a lot of the collectors have bought the current cars before (main game teams have) finished using them.

“And Gen3 is supposedly a cheaper car; so Super2 are going to have a current car that’s a $500,000 car, and ‘main game’ are going to have a Gen3 car which is $350,000.

“Then the running costs: the Gen3 engine’s definitely going to do twice the mileage, but I’m still going to be using engines that do 3,000km and require a rebuild.

“So I’m concerned for the longer term.”

The Dunlop Super2 Series will begin its 2022 season at the Repco Newcastle 500, currently scheduled for March 4-6.

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