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Tyre recycling program launched for Supercars

SUPERCARS has landed a key deal for its sustainability drive, partnering with Entyr to recycle its Dunlop tyres.

Entyr specialises in turning end-of-life tyres into high-quality raw materials – carbon black, fuel oil and clean steel – for use in various industries.

Carbon black is used to produce longer lasting asphalt roads, fuel oil can be used as a replacement to diesel in some instances, and clean steel can be sold on to steel mills.

More than 400 tyres from the recent Gold Coast 500 were delivered to Entyr for a trial run which will be built on.

According to Supercars, its top, second and third-tier series use more than 14,000 tyres per years, and nearly a billion tyres annually are thrown out, burnt or buried.

“Supercars’ alignment with Entyr is a really important part of our journey going forward,” said Supercars chief innovation and sustainability officer Tim Watsford.

“From a broader sport perspective, sustainability and looking after our planet are incredibly important, and Supercars is now on our journey.

Pic: Supplied/Mark Horsburgh

“Seeing our race-used Dunlop tyres converted into materials that can be used again is very gratifying and a great step for our championship.

“As a sport with a huge and passionate audience, we have a great platform to try and make change and drive a greener future, and our partnership with Entyr is another key step we are taking to achieve that.”

Entyr CEO David Wheeley further explained: “We have an internationally patented, low-emissions thermal baking process for end-of-life tyres.

“Our process avoids the burning of toxic waste and is controlled within an atmospherically sealed vessel, repurposing almost 100 percent of the tyre.

“By recycling with us, the life of Dunlop’s racing tyres’ will extend beyond playing a critical role in racing safety but will continue by contributing to a decarbonised and safe solution for sustainable road infrastructure.”

Supercars also moved to a greener E75 fuel blend ahead of the 2023 season.

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