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Bathurst 6 Hour track schedule released

THE full three-day track schedule for the 2024 Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour has been released to the public.

Including support categories, there will be 20 races across the March 29-31 fixture, culminating in the Easter enduro’s main event.

The 6 Hour will be broadcast free-to-air on SBS as well as Fox Sports/Kayo.

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Friday, March 29

0735-0800Australian Pulsar Racing AssociationPractice 1
0805-0825HQXTRAPractice 1
0830-0850SuperMini ChallengePractice 1
0900-0920CERA Dunlop Destiny SeriesPractice 1
0925-0955Formula FordPractice
1000-1030Improved ProductionPractice
1040-1140Bathurst 6 HourPractice 1
1255-1315HQXTRAPractice 2
1320-1340SuperMini ChallengePractice 2
1345-1410Australian Pulsar Racing AssociationPractice 2
1420-1440CERA Dunlop Destiny SeriesPractice 2
1445-1505Improved ProductionQualifying
1510-1530Formula FordQualifying
1610-1630SuperMini ChallengeQualifying
1635-1655Australian Pulsar Racing AssociationQualifying
1700-1800Bathurst 6 HourPractice 2

Saturday, March 30

0730-0750CERA Dunlop Destiny SeriesQualifying
0755-0815Australian Pulsar Racing AssociationRace 1
0820-0840HQXTRARace 1
0905-0945Bathurst 6 HourPractice 3
0955-1020Improved ProductionHeat 1
1025-1045Formula FordRace 1
1200-1225SuperMini ChallengeRace 1
1230-1255Improved ProductionHeat 2
1300-1330CERA Dunlop Destiny SeriesRace 1
1340-1400Bathurst 6 HourQualifying 1
1410-1430Bathurst 6 HourQualifying 2
1440-1500Australian Pulsar Racing AssociationRace 2
1505-1525HQXTRARace 2
1535-1555Formula FordRace 2
1600-1625SuperMini ChallengeRace 2
1630-1655Improved ProductionHeat 3
1700-1730CERA Dunlop Destiny SeriesRace 2
1735-1755Australian Pulsar Racing AssociationRace 3

Sunday, March 31

0755-0815Formula FordRace 3
0825-0845HQXTRARace 3
0855-0915Bathurst 6 HourWarm-up
0925-0955CERA Dunlop Destiny SeriesRace 3
1005-1030SuperMini ChallengeRace 3
1040-1110Improved ProductionHeat 4
1145-1745Bathurst 6 HourRace
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