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A CHARITY project led by Thomas Randle, Castrol and Tickford Racing has raised more than $50,000 for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation.

Randle’s #55 Ford Mustang Supercar took on a new look for the Sandown SuperSprint last month in support of a cause close to the 26-year-old cancer survivor’s heart.

Leading the donations was a $20,000 sum tipped in by the Saunders Family Foundation, of which Erebus Motorsport founder Betty Klimenko is co-chair.

The bonnet used by Randle at Sandown netted $3100 via auction, while patients and staff members were treated to hot laps.

“After our awesome fundraiser we did for the Sandown SuperSprint with the Castrol Peter Mac livery on the race car and the fundraiser we had, we’re here to present the cheque for over $50,000, which is pretty amazing to be standing here saying that,” Randle said.

“It was a combined effort from everyone that we raised over $50,000, it’s going to go a long way, I think, here at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

“I’ve just got to thank some of the big supporters for starters: Betty Klimenko, Castrol, the guys at ACT Fence Hire, Herzog Steel, Infinium Advisory, everyone who donated $500 here and there, and even the people who donated $10, $20, it all adds up and it’s going to go to such a great cause.

“It’s going to help everyone here so much at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.”

Part of the revised livery Thomas Randle ran at Sandown

Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation CEO Kate Torney hailed the “extraordinary” initiative.

“Just the generosity and the real understanding that Thomas has of the value of ONTrac, and the way he is generously giving back, has been just fantastic,” she said.

“The whole thing was so exciting for our patients here, and so humbling to see Thomas and his family really rally to give back to Peter Mac. We are so very grateful.

“The feedback we’ve had from everyone who went – whether it be my colleagues, staff members or patients – has been absolutely phenomenal.

“It blew their minds, so to be able to experience that, to be out at Sandown has been absolutely fantastic, and we are so grateful to (Castrol Racing) for making that possible.”

Next up for Randle is his first Repco Bathurst 1000 as a primary driver. He’ll be joined for the occasion by Tickford Super2 young gun Zak Best.

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