John Faulkner opened up on his cancer diagnoses on the V8 Sleuth Podcast. Pic: an1images.com / Dirk Klynsmith

JOHN Faulkner has revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer twice in the last decade.

The former V8 Supercars privateer and NASCAR/AUSCAR star told the V8 Sleuth Podcast powered by Repco that the first signs of lung cancer appeared in 2013 when he underwent a medical to get a new CAMS Licence.

“They said: ‘there’s a possibility you might have some cancer there, but we can’t find it (so) we’ll keep an eye on it.’

“It took five years until they could see it; they said it had been there probably 10 years and it was like a golf ball in my lung.”

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The cancer was just below the threshold of Faulkner needing to undergo chemotherapy following its removal, but he has continued seeing an oncologist over the past five years.

Then last year Faulkner was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“The amount of people that have had it and got over it … I was fortunate that it hadn’t gone too far,” he said.

“Get in and rip it out; I didn’t want any chemo and shit like that – I didn’t have any chemo with my lung cancer; I was right on that edge of not needing it.

“And to be honest, I’ve never had a day sick with either cancer. Never knew I had it, no symptoms. Nothing at all.”

Although Faulkner had regular blood tests to track the presence of cancer in the wake of the first diagnosis, it was only when he went for a digital rectal examination (to use the terminology listed on the Cancer Council website) that the prostate cancer was identified.

“That’s what detected mine, it took two seconds to say ‘hey, something’s wrong,’” he said.

“I’ve been under an oncologist with my lung for five/six years and I get a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test every time I see him (that didn’t show it).

“Certainly a blood test is a start but don’t rely on it.”

For more information on early detection of prostate cancer, head to the Cancer Council website HERE.

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