Dick Johnson and Peter Brock do battle at Calder in 1982. Pic: / Dale Rodgers

A new television drama series centred on Ford’s Dick Johnson-led fightback against Holden and Peter Brock in the early 1980s is in the works.

Titled ‘BLUE PRINT’, the show is the brainchild of Rob Draper, the son of famed Ford designer Wayne, who has forged a career as a screenplay writer.

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Promotional artwork and social media posts from BLUE PRINT feature Johnson’s Tru-Blu XD Falcon, including a dramatic image of when the Queenslander hit the rock at Bathurst in 1980.

While details – including a planned release date and where it will air – are yet to be revealed, the show is slated to consist of six one-hour episodes and will centre on an iconic era. 

A teaser for the show reads: “BLUE PRINT is a drama set in the early 1980s when the Australian Touring Car Championship was all thrills and V8 intensity. 

“In a world of cut-throat competition, we follow the hidden characters behind Ford’s explosive comeback against ‘The King of the Mountain’.

“It reflects the suburban energy of Don’s Party in the 80s and the working class sincerity of The Castle, with the cinematic experience of Ford vs Ferrari.

“This story has never been told in the public domain – until now.”

Draper and director Tony Rogers attended last weekend’s Sandown Supercars event, meeting with the likes of Johnson and Garry Willmington.

Rob Draper at Sandown with Dick Johnson. Pic: Supplied

The latter was involved in the original homologation of the Group C Falcon XD, alongside fellow racer Murray Carter and Ford’s Wayne Draper.

The show is yet to begin filming. You can follow its progress through the BLUE PRINT website, Facebook and Instagram.

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