Welcome to the first V8 Sleuth Trivia Quiz. Pic: Dirk Klynsmith/an1images.com

We did something a little different on this week’s V8 Sleuth Podcast powered by Timken – a round of trivia hosted by the V8 Sleuth himself Aaron Noonan!

We love a bit of cheeky pub trivia here at V8 Sleuth, so we thought running our own trivia competition through our podcast would be a bit of fun amid everything that’s going on.

The V8 Sleuth brains trust put together 20 multiple choice questions to put you to the test.


And just like a real pub trivia comp, there were prizes on offer to the winners!

Here is what was up for grabs:

1st place: A copy of Ford at Bathurst, plus copies of Falcon Files and Cars of the King

2nd place: A copy of the 2018 Official Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 Annual, plus copies of Falcon Files and Cars of the King

3rd place: A copy of the 1982 Bathurst 1000 on DVD – the full race as it was shown on Channel 7, complete with all the race action you didn’t see during the ad-breaks!

The winners were the first three people to submit an entry with 20 out of 20 questions correct – if nobody got a perfect score, the winners would be the first three people who get the highest amount of correct answers in first.

No multiple attempts were allowed – just like a Top 10 Shootout you only got one shot at submitting your answers! – and only people currently residing in Australia were eligible for the prizes.

Entries closed on May 1, 11:59pm AEST, with the three winners announced in the Jason Bright episode of the V8 Sleuth Podcast powered by Timken released on May 4.

If you’ve only come across this episode after the competition ended, have a listen to the questions, have a crack and see if you can get 20/20 – but no peeking at the answers below!

ANSWERS – The V8 Sleuth Trivia Competition!


Peter Brock and Allan Moffat raced the Bathurst 1000 together in the #05 Holden Dealer Team Commodore in…

A: 1980
B: 1985
C: 1986, when Moffat famously crashed in practice
D: 1987


Which year did Mark Skaife win the fourth of his five ATCC/Supercars Championship titles?

A: 2002
B: 1999
C: 2003
D: 2001, the middle of a hat-trick with HRT


The chassis number of the Dick Johnson Racing Ford Falcon EB that won the 1994 Bathurst 1000 and 1995 Australian Touring Car Championship, and was destroyed in a savage accident at Phillip Island in 1996 was…

B: DJR EB5 – and if you want to buy a bonnet or door from that PI wreck, click here!


How many different chassis did Marcos Ambrose race across his five Supercars seasons with Stone Brothers Racing?

A: 5
B: 1
C: 3
D: 2, one AU Falcon and one BA Falcon


#1 has scored the most wins of any car number in Australian Touring Car Championship and Supercars Championship history, and the number which has the second-highest amount of championship race wins is…

A: #2 with 92 race wins, most recently with Scott Pye at Albert Park in 2018.
B: #05
C: #17
D: #888


The most famous six in Supercars has to be the Lap of the Gods, Greg Murphy’s awesome Top 10 Shootout lap from the 2003 Bathurst 1000; the full lap time in minutes, seconds and ten-thousandths of a second was…

A: 2m06.7125s
B: 2m06.8594s – complete with a wrong-slotted gear at the Dipper!
C: 2m06.8312s
D: 2m06.9584s


In the epic story Jim Richards told our V8 Sleuth Podcast last year about the time Allan Grice did a deal for them to go and represent Australia in a Nations Cup-style event overseas, in which country was the race held?

A: Colombia
B: Brazil
C: Chile
D: Mexico, at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez


At the Phillip Island Classic a few weeks ago, Larry Perkins was behind the wheel of a recently-completed restored car that was…

A: The chassis from his final Bathurst 1000 start in 2003 – PE 041 to be exact
B: The chassis from his final full-time season in 2002
C: The chassis from Jack’s first full-time season in 2007
D: The chassis from his final Bathurst 1000 win in 1997


How many race and class victories does Craig Lowndes have at Mount Panorama across the Bathurst 1000 and Bathurst 12 Hour?

A: 9
B: 11
C: 8
D: 10 – did you remember his 1994 Bathurst 12 Hour class win in a Nissan Pulsar?


After his 1999 Bathurst pole-winning Mitre 10 Falcon was involved in that awful fiery start-line crash with Paul Morris at Oran Park, what did Larko do with the destroyed car afterwards?

A: He still has the damaged shell, exactly as it was after Oran Park.
B: He had it crushed and scrapped – and we have the photos of it happening
C: He had it cut up and turned into paper weights.
D: He donated the car to a TAFE college for students to rebuild and it became the Mitre 10 Simulator car.


Timken partnered with NASA to develop bearings for its Mars rover missions. The most recent rover to reach the red planet, the Curiousity rover, had a pair of tiny Timken bearings running the vacuum pump that supports the rover’s analytical equipment. They rotated at 100,000 RPM, but what size were they?

A: 16.53 millimetres
B: 9.41 millimetres
C: 8.35 millimetres
D: 6.35 millimetres – for scale, the distance between Earth and Mars equates to about 28.5 trillion of these tiny bearings in a line.


The Mount Panorama letters on the hillside below Skyline have been an iconic part of the Bathurst circuit for a long time now. But what was the first Bathurst 1000 they were present for?

A: 1990
B: 1989, and they’ve become as iconic as any of the actual circuit’s corners
C: 1992
D: 1987


Who was Allan Grice’s non-qualifying teammate at the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1987?

A: Charlie O’Brien
B: Dick Johnson
C: Graeme Crosby, who missed the cut by just 0.02s
D: Jim Richards


How many Supercars round starts did Jamie Whincup make before taking his first pole position?

A: 50, Whincup getting off the mark at Queensland Raceway in 2007
B: 60
C: 46
D: 88


Formula Ford has long been one of the critical classes for young drivers hoping to make it to Supercars How many Australian Formula Ford champions are among the full-time drivers on the 2020 Supercars grid?

A: 5
B: 6
C: 7
D: 8


Garth Tander has the record for the most championship race starts with one manufacturer … since his debut in 1998, he’s made 639 race starts – and counting! – aboard Holdens.

In that time, he’s only driven for four teams: but which one has he started the most races with?

A: Garry Rogers Motorsport
B: HSV Dealer Team
C: Holden Racing Team with 287 starts between 2006 and 2016
D: Triple Eight Race Engineering


Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Team Penske had announced it was going to run Scott McLaughlin in an IndyCar race in 2020. When the Kiwi finally does start his first IndyCar race, he will join a very short list of Bathurst 1000 winners to do so. How many drivers have won the Bathurst 1000 and taken part in an IndyCar race?

A: 3, Kevin Bartlett, Geoff Brabham and Jason Bright – the latter talks about both in our latest podcast!
B: 1
C: 2
D: 5


Last year’s Bathurst 1000 marked the first time in a long time that the winning car came from first place on the grid. Prior to 2019, when was the last time that happened?

A: 2011
B: 2009, Garth Tander/Will Davison
C: 2003
D: 1996


The V8 Sleuth logo has appeared on a few Supercars over the years, both in the main game and in what’s now known as the Super2 Series. Which of these four cars did NOT carry the V8 Sleuth logo?

A: The #38 Will Brown Eggleston Motorsport Commodore, 2017 Super2 race at Bathurst
B: The #56 Thomas Randle Scandia Mustang, 2019 The Bend SuperSprint
C: The #12 Mostert/Wood Dick Johnson Racing Falcon, 2013 Sandown 500
D: The #38 Will Brown Eggleston Motorsport Commodore, 2019 Super2 Series at Wanneroo.


The Mount Panorama Racing Circuit is unusual in that its start line and finish line are in different places. But how far apart are they?

A: 173 metres
B: 121 metres
C: 148 metres – as per the circuit’s engineering diagrams and a physical measurement taken recently … well, we had to make sure the race distances in our soon-to-be-released book on the Bathurst 12 Hour were accurate!
D: 205 metres



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